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Minimum visitation is two hours, whether the visit is five minutes or two hours the charge is $110.00.

First two hours visit: $110.00

Then hourly visitation fee is $30.00 per hour for each additional hour

* All fees paid in cash         

*Hourly fees $30.00 

Additional guest fees (per hour)            $10.00

Registration fees per party                      $50.00

Court Appearance: Fees will be paid up front before court appearance, minimum $110.00, then $30.00 an hour including travel time.

REPORTS: All reports must be subpoenaed and fees paid up front before reports will be sent. Cost: $15.00 per report and an additional cost for any photos.

All W.A.T.C.H. services are by written agreement of the parties of by Court Order. 

Copy of the agreement/Order must be submitted for services. 

Services will be suspended for failure for non-payment of fees for service.    

We are the Children’s Haven is a private supervised program for NCP (non-custodial parents). 

revised 12/11/18

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